How To Make Moon Water

Follow this guide to learn all about how to make moon water and the uses!

A full moon is a perfect time for spellcasting and all things magic! In this post, you will learn and discover not only what moon water is but also how to make YOUR own and the uses of moon water to prepare you for the perfect next full moon

Moon Water Ingredients


Water is an element, making it cleansing, healing, connected to emotions.

Representation: femanine aspect of magic

** You will want to use either clean, distilled, filtered, mineral, or spring water to make your moon water ***


You can use any type of jar, such as stained glass with different colors or just a regular old jar in your kitchen


Every phase of the moon is great for making moon water and it all depends on you personally, your ritual you are performing and the intention you have for using the moon water


Check what time the moon is rising in your city on the day you plan to make your moon water. Make sure to put it up when the moon is on the horizon and take it down before dawn

Moon Phase Meanings

Based on your intentions, it is important to make the moon water on the phase that best corresponds with your intention and/or ritual

Waxing Moon

  • new beginnings
  • manifesting things into your life
  • health
  • psychic ability and awareness
  • beauty and love
  • fertility
  • growth and rebirth
  • making new projects
  • bringing new ideas
  • meeting new people
  • making new friendships
  • success
  • talismans and charging them

Full Moon

  • most potent time for any and all magic
  • protection
  • healing
  • money
  • travel
  • love
  • charging objects
  • sleep and dreams
  • making full moon water

Waning Moon

  • banish habits , negative thoughts and people
  • releasing old things from your life that no longer serve you purpose
  • planning
  • setting up protective shields
  • destructive magic

Dark Moon

  • closure
  • setting intentions
  • meditation
  • bringing things to the circle before new beginnings

New Moon

  • creating a plan
  • new opportunities and exploring them
  • setting new intentions
  • taking action
  • self-development
  • new beginnings
  • new ideas
  • any sort of growth
NASA Lunar missions discover widespread water across Moon's surface - News  Nation English

How To Make Moon Water

  1. Think about your intention
  2. Check the time of the moon rise in your city
  3. Cleanse the space (incense), ground your energy, visualize a protective circle, and mediate on your intention
  4. Get a clean jar and cleanse inside the jar with incense
  5. Pour the clean water into the jar
  6. When the moon starts to rise, place the jar either outside or on a window sill with direct passage to the moonlight.
  7. Pick up the jar before sunrise the next morning

Moon Water Uses

  1. Drink it
  2. Use to clean sacred tools and crystals or to make a cleansing spray
  3. Add to a ritual bath
  4. Wash your face with it
  5. Water your plants with it

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