Guide to Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers Guide

What are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are signals from your angels to examine and go over your intentions. It can be used as an important path regarding your alignment with your divine path. More than not, repeating numbers are often used as angel numbers because they are something you will notice and catch onto quickly. Angel numbers are incredible links between earth and the spirit world and YOU have the awesome chance to be apart of both.

Some Common Angel Numbers and their Meanings:


  • manifestations
  • this is a master number in numerology
  • this is the perfect time to manifest!!
  • If you continue to see them repeating this means you need to “wake up” and notice new and exciting oppurtunities before they pass you by


  • balance
  • take a step back and make sure you are nurturing balance and peace in your life by not taking on too many things at once
  • this is a reminder to always seek balance in your life no matter what you are doing


  • unity
  • represents connection between your mind, body, and soul
  • this often signifies that there will be a coming together of people, ideas, or plans
  • seeing repeating 3s can represent a spiritual union and an activation of spiritual expansion!


  • stability
  • repeating 4s show that you either need stability or you have achieved stability in your life
  • can be a reminder to make sure you build a solid foundation for something new that is happening in your life
  • it can also be a reminder to make sure you are making healthy choices and taking care of your inner self


  • change
  • represents something shifting in your life
  • the number 5 is there to remind you to be flexible and to not get down when something does not go exactly the way you had planned
  • can also be seen as an oppurtunity to create something new


  • divine
  • take this as a reminder that you yourself are a divine being and you are loved by many


  • progress
  • encouragement from your angels that you are indeed on the right path! GO YOU
  • 7s represent the ability to get through difficult obstacles in order to continue making progress towards your goal
  • your guides may be using these numbers to remind you to have faith and to remember you can always ask for guidance if you need it


  • abundance
  • indication that there is an abundance of opportunities coming your way because we both know you deserve it!
  • remember to always express gratitude for all of the infinite blessings that have come your way and will continue to come your way


  • completion
  • represents something coming to an end, for example graduation or another big accomplishment
  • also indicates the end of a cycle in your life
  • it lets you know you have completed your learning experience and have achieved mastery in a particular area of your life
  • urges you to move forward in life so you can grow and expand with your newfound knowledge


  • freedom
  • “rebirth” or a clean slate
  • sign that you are getting a fresh new start somewhere in your life
  • can also be an encouragement to let loose a little and enjoy your life as it is right now
  • your guides may be using these numbers to tell you to save space for important things that are coming up in your future

Say this saying when you see repeating angel numbers to let your angels know you got their message:

I am open and willing to receive divine guidance

Leave a like if you enjoyed the article and comment down below if you have been seeing angel numbers recently and if so which ones?

My answer: I have been seeing 111 quite often for the past almost week now

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