All About Incense

What is Incense?

Incense is essentially known as a substance that is burned to produce a fragrance into the air. It is derived from the latin word meaning “to burn”.

Today, incense is used for a variety of reasons, including

  • a way to repel negative energies
  • tool to get rid of bad odors
  • used as a tool on an altar
  • component of multiple religious practices
  • yoga
  • relaxation
  • meditation
  • purify air

Different Types of Incense I have and their benefits, uses, etc.

— Dragons Blood —

  • Made from the resin of a palm tree called the Dragon Tree.
  • Trees are found in Yemen countries
  • The trees itself have an umbrella like shape
  • It is called dragons blood for the resin pulled from the tree is a dark bright red color
  • Specific Known Uses: increase focus, help with digestive tract problems, known to increase the potency for love and protection spells, repel insects, and can help bacteria infected wounds

— Nag Champa —

  • blend that consists partly of Sandalwood
  • sacred
  • used to sanctify or purify the air, along with seeking spiritual evolution or enlightenment

— Vanilla —

  • represents the element air
  • associated with mental health and intelligence
  • good choice to use to burn for deities that are known for their intelligence

— Coconut Grove —

  • Uses: stimulate psychic powers, attract love, stop nightmares, bring money, protection, balance, and grounding. It also increases your spiritual energy. Relaxes heart and throat chakras. capable of reducing heart rates and soothing the nerve pathways along the brain to make you feel completely relaxed

— Amber Musk —

  • Uses: wisdom, seeking the truth about something or someone, helps with rituals of love and desire
  • Corresponds with the elements air and fire
  • Excellent for recalling your past life and initiation rituals

— Lavender —

  • Benefits: relieves body tension and stress, offers peace for meditation, induces a good nights sleep, boosts fertility, increases focus and creativity, and it purifies everything it comes into contact with
  • Uses: physically and spiritually cleaning, repel insects, wash away negative thoughts and emotions, relax muscles for meditation, and used to help communicate with spirit guides easier

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