Candle Color Meanings

Every wondered what all the different candle colors meant? Why type of spells are best to use with which color? Wonder no further as this blog post will show you what the different candle colors mean, their spell correspondents, and more! Candle magic is a simple yet effective and powerful form or magic used by many in the Witchcraft community. Each individual color brings a different message and energy along with it. Stay tuned to find out the candle colors you need most in your life right now!

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Candle Color Meanings

White — can replace any other colored candle for specific spell work. represents purity and innocence, spiritual alignment, truth seeking, clarity, unity, purification, peace, and protection. known to heal emotions and repel negativity. symbolizes the maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess

Black — used to absorb negative energies. reverses hexes and curses. enhances inner strength, resilience, and self control. often burned for healing and support through loss and grief of someone close to you. Represents the crone aspect (shown above) of the Triple Goddess.

Red — used to enhance results in spell work and often used for exorcism and spiritual healings.

Green — known for money magic and represents the goddesses earth, which is green. used for financial success, luck, prosperity, abundance, generosity, balance, and marriage. represents the element of earth on the altar.

Purple — associated with psychic abilities, ancient wisdom, and spiritual awakening. used to open the third eye to invite visions and enhance intuition.used to reduce stress and insomnia.

Brown — assists in spells involving clear thinking and decision making. promotes concentration, intuition, common sense, and stability. used for manifestation and to connect with the realm of animals

Orange — suited for times where you need to assert your individuality and inner strength, such as a new career. used for good fortune, energy building, and courage. aids in legal matters, achieving goals and bringing in happiness.can also be used to attract friends and emotional healing.

Yellow — represents the element of air. used for success in the arts and/or to enhance a relationships communication. increases focus and is great for business spells.

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