Candle Color Meanings

Every wondered what all the different candle colors meant? Why type of spells are best to use with which color? Wonder no further as this blog post will show you what the different candle colors mean, their spell correspondents, and more! Candle magic is a simple yet effective and powerful form or magic used by … Continue reading Candle Color Meanings

All About Incense

What is Incense? Incense is essentially known as a substance that is burned to produce a fragrance into the air. It is derived from the latin word meaning "to burn". Today, incense is used for a variety of reasons, including a way to repel negative energiestool to get rid of bad odorsused as a tool … Continue reading All About Incense

Guide to Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers Guide

Angel numbers are signals from your angels to examine and go over your intentions. It can be used as an important path regarding your alignment with your divine path. More than not, repeating numbers are often used as angel numbers because they are something you will notice and catch onto quickly. Angel numbers are incredible links between earth and the spirit world and YOU have the awesome chance to be apart of both.